Four Seasons

I have always been mesmerized by the Four Seasons shots I have seen other photographers do; but couldn’t imagine the time and energy it would take to make such a shot happen.  The Henry County Chamber’s logo is a tree.  When Laura Luker, with the Chamber, challenged me to find a tree that looked like their logo, and then photograph it in all 4 seasons……I was motivated.  I found out it wasn’t a “piece of cake”.  The winter shot was truly an adventure, as I ended up in a ditch.  The amazing thing was for the spring shot, the purple lavender only lasted for a day. I had to make notes of the camera settings; equipment; as well as detailed instructions of where I was standing,  so it could be repeated in 3 months.  When all 4 images were selected, it was truly a piece I was pleased with.


Congratulations Tiffany and Travis...

To watch Tiffany Wesley grow up from that little girl that loved to go hunting with her daddy, into a beautiful young princess on her wedding day, has truly been a privilege. Even better than that is seeing a couple make a lifelong commitment to each other, knowing that God has orchestrated the union. Congratulations Tiffany and Travis; we were excited to be a part of the Most Special Day of your lives.    


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Spring is HERE!!!

Spring is in the air at  Pro Studio! The flowers are all blooming, the colors are vibrant, and finally it's starting to WARM up!!! This time of year is awesome for family pictures. Call to set up your family session while everything here is just perfect!


Easter Portraits are coming soon....

Reserve now for this popular promotion. Children love to come to Pro Studio for an Easter portrait with bunnies and a baby lamb to cuddle. These captivating portraits create an instant sense of spring... and will forever remind you of a child's joy at Easter. Call now for one of our limited appointments!!! Available only on March 28 & 29.

1 child $50, additional children $25 each. Session must be paid at time of reservation.


Family is Everything!

To some people, Family is EVERYTHING!  The Wages have been our friends for over 40 years, and their family has always been a priority.  I knew them when their family was only four people, now that number has grown to 11.  They have enjoyed every single stage and have called on Pro Studio to photograph those milestone markers in their family History.  Happy 40th Anniversary Kathy and Bill.  


Celebrate the LOVE

The best part of my job as a photographer, is photographing people at their best.  That was the case when Maxine and Jerome Hamm came in celebrating 57 years of marriage.  I love the relationship between the two of them.  This image was actually a candid moment that speaks volumes.  If you want to celebrate a relationship, give us a call at Pro Studio – 678.432.1269.  If you come in before Valentine’s Day, mention this post and get a free session fee.