Santa was just here a few weeks ago..... and he is coming back by popular demand for ONE DAY ONLY! Mark your calendar  for Saturday, November 20th, and call to set up your appointment...678-432-1269

Sessions are limited!

Check out a few of our favorites from this year so far.

School is out, and June is filled with savings!

Seniors CLASS OF 2011..... FREE SESSION -EARLY BIRD SPECIAL... Our Early Bird special for upcoming seniors is a complimentary indoor session (valued at $75). It includes the yearbook style photo (tux/drape) and your choice of 3 of our indoor sets. Must be booked in June. A $50 reservation fee is necessary to book your session.

June is Children's Month... Take advantage of one of our FREE seasonal sessions. This could be the perfect way to decorate a child's room or to showcase their favorite playtime. All of these specials are designated to one child.

-COWBOY, FRIDAY 6/11         -MERMAIDS, FRIDAY 6/18         -Bathing Beauties, FRIDAY 6/25         -TEA PARTY, THURSDAY 7/1

HAPPY FATHER"S DAY... What would mean more to Dad on Father's Day, than a photograph with all his children. Mention this ad and get $100 off on orders $300+. A FREE SESSION is available Tuesday- Friday.  A Saturday session fee is $45 regardless of the size group.

Stylish Senior...

Photographing Daisha Rivers took me back to my first days in photography. Our emphasis back then was fashion. Most of our clients were professional models. When Daisha came in last month as a senior (Heritage High School, Conyers); I had a fit. She was not only flawless; but had the personality and wardrobe to make it all work. I wanted to share with you a few of her images.


-Note: This is our newest background. I know at first glance it looks like something I created with a few cans of paint. Just for the record, I tried creating one and it looked like trash. This high $$$ background was created by artist Todd Rigione. It is truly a masterpiece. It has lots of depth.Even the simpliest of clothing can look artsy in front of such a canvas.

Awesome Envy....

One of my favorite Seniors this year has been Austin Kimbell of Jackson; an amazing young man that would make any parent proud. I have never seen an atlete that took training so seriously. I wanted to capture an image of Austin for his facebook profile that would make him the envy of all the other seniors. I think we accomplished quite a dramatic difference.

Let your personality show.....

Carolina is 5 years old. Sometimes she is shy and doesn't want to have anything to do with anybody. In less than a moments notice that mood can change and she is ready to take on the world. This personality study gives us a glimpse into who she is. This wrap around canvas gives a perfect piece to showcase this 5 year old.


Beauty Teen...

Through the years I have photographed numerous beaty pagent contestants. As for Courtney Lenk... I was certaintly impressed that she held the title of Ms. Junior Teen America" at the young age of 13; but I was amazed at such a young age, she started an organization of other teen queens to support our troops It's been a long time since I've seen such a flawless beauty. The beautiful results were partly because of the talents of make-up artist Scott Farris from Salon Utopia in Stockbridge.


Greetings with style.....

There is no better way to express Holiday Greetings than with our custom Christmas Cards. It's a way to get 'lots of images to 'lots of friends and relatives. Many of our clients say that when they mail out these cards, their phones rings off the hook. These cards make a perfect keepsake that people can frame. Check out just a few of our favorites.